Prime Properties are an independent estate agents in the heart of London. Prime Properties are truly local experts and are renowned for their personal approach, relationship building and of course, their property expertise. 90% of sales and rental valuations in the Hammersmith area are done through Prime Properties.


Prime Properties estate agents were self-managing their Google Adwords for several years. When they teamed up with Smarter PPC Clicks they mainly wanted to see if expert PPC management could refine the overall performance of their Adwords account. The objective was to enhance the traffic quality, CPC, and ultimately they wanted to see major improvement in conversions. The goal of the campaign is to drive in more enquiries from landlords and homeowners ready to sell their property, from future tenants and prospective buyers - and to compete better in the digital sphere within the crowded central London market. 


Prime Properties opted for our Road Map service where we evaluate the existing account into the smallest details and advice on strategy.  One of the things we often see is an overly complicated account structure. The best practise is to group similar terms into specific ad groups. This however can often mean that people get carried away and create many campaigns and many ad groups. This makes the account harder to manage. Therefore, our first step was to simplify the account structure based on the services and campaign goals. Secondly, we created several extended search ads for each new ad group. We also set up some ad extensions such as sitelinks, call-outs and call extensions. These help to secure more space for the ad so it looks more prominent. It also helps users to complete the wanted action much faster. To ensure that the each click through the site is as profitable as possible we have also evaluated data for existing dates, times and devices and the necessary adjustments. Showing your ad during the most profitable times on the most profitable devices can make a massive difference on ROI. 

Now that we have ‘cleaned up’ the account, we continue to make frequent improvements month on month based on the available data. 


After the first month of Smarter PPC Clicks account takeover we managed to halve their average CPC in month 1, the Click Through Rate has increased by 55.28% and the Conversion Rate has increased by 1.33%.  While we are writing this case study it is our fourth month in and since we took over the CPC has decreased by 67%. We’ve seen also 1300% increase in conversions over past 4 months. We are happy to say that the account takeover was hugely successful and client is now benefiting from profitable ROI, increased number of enquires month on month, and competitive online advertising. 

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