North Rise Dental Clinic focuses on cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic medicine. North Rise Dental is based in North London and have over 20 years of experience in enhancing people’s confidence. 


Sally, the owner of North Rise Dental, turned to us as she wanted to bring more patients through the door and increase the amount of online bookings. 


 Sally had never tried Adwords Advertising before. Therefore, we were starting with the brand new account. Starting a new account in Adwords allows you to take advantage of Google’s Introductory offer which is £75.  As Sally’s business is quite local and she is based in competitive London area, we set up her campaign with location targeting. The location targeting in Adwords is really precise and allowed us to focus on selected locations close to her surgery. As Sally’s website features a system where you can make appointments online, we tried not to restrict her ad schedule too much. If she didn’t had such system in place, we would most likely run the ads within the times when people can engage with the business. The campaign was set up to promote the most popular and profitable services. The ads were featuring different Call to actions and we amended the ads month-on-month. As the budget was limited we focused on long-tail keywords to ensure that the traffic coming through to the website is as relevant as possible and that the people visiting her site are not just ‘window shopping’ but are actually ready to engage. We actually encountered some issues when setting up this account. Some ads for specific aesthetic treatments were disapproved by Google. The reason was that the site had some prohibited terms - prescription drugs mentioned on her landing pages and on the website. Although it seemed unfair, as Sally’s clinic is frequent and professional surgery, we had to remove the terms from her site to get the ads up and running. 


Within three months Sally’s website traffic has increased, she has received a good number of conversions for her budget, and the CTR was a healthy 3.36% - meaning that the traffic coming through from the ads is highly relevant. 

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(Office 7 ) 35 - 37 Ludgate Hill


PHONE: 0115 815 9931

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